About the Fujoshi

Hi friends, welcome to Feminist Fujoshi, home of the Ever-Growing List of 100% Consensual BL Manga! I love BL and consume a loooot of BL, but despite (or because of) how much I love the genre, the poor representation of women, absolutely abysmal treatment of consent, and many other problems all too common in BL are continual points of frustration for me. I also think feminism provides a useful analytic lens through which to examine these problems, as well as other areas of feminist interest (i.e. politics of class, disability, sexuality, race/ethnicity and more.) So I made this blog, first on tumblr and now on WordPress in order to vent, turn my rambling into something productive, and hopefully entertain/inform fellow fans of BL and fellow feminists who are tired of all the awful in genre.

I really want to keep this a fun, informal space, as well as one that’s safe for people of all identities (marginalized identities). That means:

  • Talk to me! Leave comments! Offer your thoughts, opinions, requests and questions! My perspective is very limited, it’s just my own and no one else’s, so I’d love to see other people add their own unique experiences and insights.
  • If you have information I don’t or you think I’ve screwed up, please let me know! Especially if you have access to Japanese feminist scholarship (on media studies in general or BL in particular)
  • No slurs, no antagonism, no apologism

You can follow me on twitter, keep up with the BL I’m reading at mangaupdates and anime-planet, help support the blog by buying me a coffee or something to review, or help me stay motivated by talking to me on Discord! And that’s it–a big thank you to my followers, I hope you enjoy the blog~

ham-chan intro the rule of standing on tiptoe
I’m not all that speedy, but Ham-chan’s confidence is inspiring!