October/November Reading List

Fake v. 1-5

  • Love Sanami Matoh’s fluid, expressive art–Ryo and Dee are quite charming, but the timeline of the series seems kind of jumbled, which makes it difficult to keep up with the emotional benchmarks in their relationship. This may be a result of the series being OOP and volumes being difficult to get ahold of. In any case, it desperately needs a license rescue! Also, *deep sigh* yes it is still copaganda. Dee’s loose-cannon recklessness in particular is framed as admirable, which just doesn’t fly, particularly from an American context.

Only the Ring Finger Knows 2

  • I still really like this series, but I can tell the go-to conflicts these two face are going to start to wear thin. They love each other, they get jealous, some drama happens with the rings, it’s fine. The introduction of Yuichi’s older brother at the end of this volume creates interesting new emotional stakes, though, and might liven things up a bit in the third volume.

Love Kids!!

  • This was pretty cute, but like the few other random titles I’ve grabbed off Renta, didn’t really stick with me. The main couple have a sweet relationship, our main character has a crush on his dad’s lover, there’s some angst but it works out with the power of love.

Ooku 4-5

  • Fumi Yoshinaga’s epic alternate history continues to be super compelling. The way she writes women–even sisters, mothers and daughters–as wholly unique individuals, strikingly different from each other and fully realized characters in their own right, is tremendously satisfying. And of course, the political drama of the court is incredibly fascinating.

Otherworld Barbara

  • UM WHOAAAAAH WHAT. SUPER COOL, SUPER TRIPPY. Setting up some incredibly fascinating themes surrounding dreams, reality, family and more. I just picked up volume 2 today and will have more complete thoughts on this series next month!

Bloom into You

  • So far I actually like the anime a little better? But it’s a tough call. Also I’m g a y.

Kiss Him Not Me 1

  • It’s fun! It’s funny! Its premise is absurd and kind of fatphobic! I really did enjoy this volume, though, seeing Junko poke fun at fujoshi through the perspective of a likable fujo protagonist knowing she’s a BL mangaka is just delightful. I would highly recommend this AnimeFeminist article: https://www.animefeminist.com/discourse-force-him-not-me/ although it primarily discusses events from later in the story than where I am, the patterns Amelia points out regarding Igarashi’s behavior are present and concerning from the word go, and this article takes a great critical eye to that aspect of the series.

Anime: Banana Fish, Bloom Into You, Honda-san, Tsurune, FMA/FMAB

  • I’m going to cover these all together instead of one at a time to save myself some headache. In order: gay, gay, fujoshi jokes, gay, NOT THE DOG!! For real though, Bloom Into You especially has me hooked–I’ve actually been keeping up with the anime as it comes out all season. It’s beautifully directed, the voice acting is deeply affecting, and Yuu’s complicated feelings surrounding her own ability to feel romantic love are really compelling. Pls protect Yuu!! Rewatching FMA has also been a really interesting experience–2003 and Brotherhood both have their merits, and watching them cover the same material is a really interesting study in adaptation. I’m looking forward to seeing how these seasonal shows wrap up and to reexperiencing the climax of FMA in both versions!

That’s all for November~ thank you all so much for your patience and understanding and check back in next month for more thoughts on whatever gay ass nonsense I read in December!

One thought on “October/November Reading List

  1. How did I not know Bloom into You has an anime? Gotta check that out!

    I loved the first FMA adaptation up until the end when it kinda fell apart. It’s one of the few anime I loved in middle school that’s held up. Tried Brotherhood, got annoyed that the Nina arc wasn’t as emotionally devastating, and ended up not going back to it. That was a while ago, and I’ve been meaning to give it another shot.

    If you want a Renta recommendation, I absolutely adore The Sorcerer on the Hill trilogy. It’s an awesomely weird fantasy story where the romance is more a backdrop than anything. It was one of Renta’s earliest licenses, so the typesetting is wonky, but I remember the translation being solid.


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