Feminist Fujoshi and Fanthropological: A fan’s-eye view of BL fans

Hey everyone! The Nickscast, the guys behind the podcast Fanthropological were kind enough to bring me on to talk about my experiences with BL fandom; we had a great time talking about the politics, peculiarities, and personal significance of BL and BL fans. You can find the episode on fanthropological.com and your favorite podcatcher!

Also, we forgot to bring it up on the recording, but if, like the Nicks, you’re new to BL and not sure where to start, check out Khursten Santos’ BL Manga Starter Kit on her blog Otaku Champloo. It really showcases the diversity of BL manga and suggests some series that are personal favorites of mine. Also check out the 100% Consensual BL List hosted right here on FeministFujoshi! You can find TheNickcast on twitch, twitter, and their website. If you liked what you heard here, be sure to go show them some appreciation!

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